Felderwin's Gnoll Conundrum

Felderwin's Gnoll Conundrum

Two warring bands of gnoll raiders become increasingly bold in their attacks on the farms surrounding Felderwin. In this adventure, the party must decide how to handle the threat. Three Felderwin guilds propose different courses of action. Which will the party choose?


Download all of the maps, scenery, NPCs, and tokens in a single zip file at the bottom of this post.

As the bountiful harvest season approaches in Felderwin, the idyllic town and its surrounding farmlands face a growing menace from two warring bands of gnoll raiders. The gnolls, known for their viciousness and hunger for bloodshed, have become increasingly audacious in their attacks, preying upon the vulnerable farms and endangering the livelihood of the halfling community.

With the Crownsguard and local farmers struggling to cope with the escalating threat, an urgent call for aid echoes throughout Felderwin. The town leaders beseech brave adventurers to come forth and lend their strength in protecting the vital fields from the relentless gnoll onslaught.

Adventure Summary

The adventurers arrive in Felderwin just as Starosta Theanor Whisperthin has called a town hall meeting in the Green Hall to discuss what courses of action the Halfling community can take against the threat. The adventuring party will be a most welcome addition to the meeting as they answer the call for aid. Three prominent guilds within Felderwin, the Guild of the Blazing Sword, the Guild of the Silent Shadows, and the Guild of Harmonious Accord have each prepared proposals for how they feel the gnoll threat should be handled.

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