Shadows of Cyrengreen: Twilight's Feral Embrace - Part 1

Shadows of Cyrengreen: Twilight's Feral Embrace - Part 1

As dusk settles over the town of Alfield, a thick fog rolls in from the depths of the Cryengreen Forest. Within the flickering ambiance of the Candleglow Inn, the weary and frustrated Thaddeus Crenshaw, a noble merchant, anxiously awaits the arrival of a group of skilled adventurers.


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What starts as a quest to protect innocent lives soon reveals a more sinister plot. The victims of the attacks are transforming into werewolves under the full moon, and the Brotherhood of the Moon, a coven of werewolves, seeks to spread their curse throughout the Dwendalian Empire. The players must navigate the treacherous forest, uncover the hidden lair of the Brotherhood, and put an end to their dark mission before the curse engulfs the land.

Adventure Summary

Reports of brutal attacks on travelers along the road from the cities of Deastok, Kamordah, and Trostenwald continue to escalate, causing widespread fear and panic. Thaddeus Crenshaw, a wealthy traveling merchant, has taken matters into his own hands. Despite being a noble, his pleas to the city officials have fallen on deaf ears, leaving him no choice but to seek the aid of adventurers. Thaddeus offers a substantial reward for those brave enough to investigate and put an end to the werewolf menace. He awaits the arrival of the party at the Candleglow Inn in the town of Alfield, determined to find a resolution where the authorities have failed.

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