Shadows of Cyrengreen: Twilight's Feral Embrace - Part 2

Shadows of Cyrengreen: Twilight's Feral Embrace - Part 2

The adventure into heart of Cryengreen Forest comes to a conlusion with the infiltration of the lair of the Bloodmoon Brotherhood: Moonshadow Citadel


Download all of the maps, scenery, NPCs, and tokens in a single zip file at the bottom of this post.

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In Part One of Shadows of Cryengreen: Twilight's Feral Embrace, our adventurers delved into the wilds of Cryengreen Forest at the behest of a troubled noble merchant named Thaddeus Crenshaw. Thaddeus had discovered instances of brutal attacks on travelers along the road from the cities of Deastok, Kamordah, and Trostenwald causing widespread fear and panic.

After several days and nights of travel, the party encountered several key NPCs, battled savage werewolves and dire wolves, and culminated with the meeting of Garret Hawthorne and Avaline Silverleaf

We resume the adventure with the party deep in the wilds of Cryengreen Forest, a mere two miles south of Moonshadow Citadel, lair of powerful Bloodmoon Brotherhood.

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