Allowak Sanctuary

Allowak Sanctuary

When the city of Aeor fell during the Calamity, a massive purple crystal was flung miles away from the impact site. The crystal impaled an abominable yeti named Allowak and spread fragments around its sanctuary.


The enchantment preserved the yeti's body and captured its soul. Other yetis who came into contact with the crystal experienced heightened intelligence and a decrease in their innate bloodlust. They established a society, residing in huts and domesticating mammoths for food. These peaceful yetis despised their savage kin.

For this ReinKarnated map, I decided to expand the story out a bit and have the Aeorian crystals impacted throughout the small region of Allowak Sanctuary rather than only embedded into the yeti itself.

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The existence of Allowak's Sanctuary is kept hidden from outsiders, as the yetis fear that the crystal would be excavated and stolen. Although the crystal's effects appear to be permanent, the yetis worry that their newfound intelligence would disappear if the crystal were removed from the site. If outsiders approach the village, the yetis guarding its borders behave like their more aggressive counterparts. While the yetis of Allowak's Sanctuary do not seek to kill, they will use force to protect their secret.

This map comes with both a day and a night version as well as with and without grids. The isometric grids are 25x25 with each square representing 5 feet.

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