Balenpost, a rugged fortress of frozen logs perched on the southwestern fringe of Foren, is home to a resilient band of explorers, all under the watchful eye of the Cerberus Assembly.


Life in Balenpost revolves around a singular purpose: unearthing the mysteries of Aeorian relics hidden across the island. The fort hums with purpose, a hub of ceaseless planning and strategizing for upcoming expeditions.

These missions are orchestrated by the Cerberus Assembly, who reward successful crews with commendations, privileges, and extra rations, making a find a coveted achievement. As for the ranks of adventurers here, they are a diverse bunch. Many are Dwendalians eager to cash in on the alluring rewards, while some find themselves here after striking precarious bargains with the Cerberus Assembly.

For those who fail to contribute, a return to the mainland in shackles looms, incentivizing both cooperation and ruthless competition among the denizens of Balenpost.

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