In the rugged and dangerous Barbed Fields of Xhorhas, the ruins of Bazzoxan bear witness to the horrors of the Calamity.


Once a dark temple that played a pivotal role in the machinations of the Betrayer Gods during the Calamity, Bazzoxan now lies in ruin, like many relics of those terrible times. After the Kryn claimed Ghor Dranas, settlers ventured north through the Barbed Fields in hopes of reviving the abandoned site. A society blossomed within the ruins of Bazzoxan, building the foundations of a new city around the looming stone structures of the old sanctum. But the demonic forces that lay within the temple stirred, throwing the burgeoning society into chaos.

Now, Bazzoxan is locked in a perpetual stalemate between the dynasty's forces and the abyssal incursion from within the temple. The unholy site is a subject of constant research and growing worry for the dynasty.

The towering ruined temple looms against the rocky southern base of the Penumbra Range, carved directly from the natural stone of the mountains. The onyx doors that lead into the heart of the temple remain barred and under constant watch. The city that surrounds the temple is a patchwork of over a hundred abodes and structures, including a partially reconstructed town square. Construction equipment lies abandoned in the streets, and vacant homes stand untouched since their denizens were slain or forced to flee. Makeshift Aurora Watch barracks are continuously expanded to make room for the reinforcements sent to push back the fiends that assail the city from beneath.

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