Big City Barracks

Big City Barracks

The Big City Barracks map is designed to serve as the headquarters for a city's elite guard, such as a kingsguard or crownsguard unit.


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This strategic location is where the guardsmen prepare, train, and rest, ensuring they are always ready to defend the city against threats. The map features various areas tailored to different functions, including training, armament storage, sleeping quarters, and administrative duties. This setup allows the city guard to maintain peak efficiency and readiness, with all necessary facilities contained within a single, fortified location.

Intended Use

This map is ideally used as a central hub for city defense-related activities and can serve as the backdrop for numerous plot points in a campaign. Adventurers may interact with the barracks when seeking aid from the guard, investigating internal matters of the city’s defense, or even when infiltrating it for a covert mission. The various rooms and features provide ample opportunities for encounters, discussions, and discoveries that can drive the narrative forward.

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