Within the sheltered embrace of a sunken meadow, surrounded by the protective arc of dense trees and rolling hills, the hidden sanctuary of Charis offers a captivating glimpse into the untamed heart of the Lotusden.


The landscape is painted with the vivid hues of countless flowers and mushrooms that line the winding pathways connecting the charming dwellings. From treehollow homes perched high among the treetops to hillside domiciles, this village thrives in serene coexistence with the ancient woods. Vine-wrapped bridges span the gaps between treetops, providing both passage and connection to the vibrant natural tapestry of this halfling and dragonborn community.

The radiant sun showers the meadow with its golden blessings during the day, piercing through the thick canopy to infuse the village with warmth. At night, the gentle moonlight plays host to whispers of mischievous fey that come to frolic alongside the village's inhabitants.

A community of halflings and dragonborn, brought together by fate, cast aside conflict and chose the path of compassion. The combined strength of these two races allowed them to defy the malevolent forces of the Lotusden, all under the benevolent gaze of Melora, the Wild Mother. Thus, Charis was founded, its name echoing the Draconic word for "hope."

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