Crypt of Shadows

Crypt of Shadows

This mausoleum is carved from cold, moss-covered stone. Its grand staircase descends into its depths, inviting the brave and the curious to uncover its ancient mysteries.


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The crypt's main chamber, accessible via a stone staircase, features a prominent sarcophagus that could house a notable figure or a powerful undead enemy. Various smaller rooms and alcoves contain additional coffins, statues, and scattered bones, suggesting the resting place of once-powerful dignitaries or warriors.

Intended use: This crypt map can set the tone for suspenseful exploration or a climactic battle with undead forces. It’s ideal for quests involving the recovery of sacred relics, disturbing undead rest, or uncovering ancient secrets long buried. The map’s layout supports tactical combat and provides numerous opportunities for atmospheric storytelling.

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