Hidden within the Vermaloc Wildwood, Dumaran, the hobgoblin fortress, stands defiant against the Penumbra Range.


Defensible portholes overlook winding walkways, while spider-infested paths lead to the mountains. Empowered by Lolth, the Spider Queen, the hobgoblins of Dumaran command venomous arachnids, driven by a hunger for slaughter and a burning desire to topple the Kryn drow. Led by Head Matron Vivurk Tonn, these Children of Malice are a ruthless force, their brutal punishment ensuring loyalty and a focus on Lolth's goals.

Within the darkened halls of Dumaran, the hobgoblins engage in sinister rituals, fueling their loathing of the Kryn drow. Their onyx black fur and pale yellow eyes mark them as creatures of malice, guided by Lolth's dark gifts. As a mirror image of distant drow societies, Dumaran thrives on vengeance, united against a common enemy. Though crimes may occur, the threat of swift and brutal punishment keeps the fortress in line, fostering an atmosphere of fear and obedience, unless one can prove their actions further Lolth's insidious goals.

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