Forest's Edge Garrison

Forest's Edge Garrison

Forest's Edge Garrison stands as a formidable military stronghold on the outermost boundaries of a kingdom, serving as both a defensive outpost and a base of operations for the kingdom's armed forces.


This map details the strategic layout and key features of the garrison, designed to accommodate a variety of gameplay scenarios.

Intended Use:
The Forest's Edge Garrison map is designed for use in campaigns that involve military themes, strategic planning, or encounters that require a fortified setting. It can serve multiple purposes:

  • Adventure Setting: The garrison could be a focal point for quests, whether the characters are defending it from an attack, infiltrating it for espionage, or using it as a base of operations.
  • Strategic Resource: For campaigns with a military or war theme, the garrison provides a tangible asset for players to manage or interact with.
  • Narrative Catalyst: The garrison's features can inspire numerous plotlines, from dealing with a traitor within the ranks to uncovering ancient artifacts stored in the armory.

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