Fortress of the Dead Jarl

Fortress of the Dead Jarl

Perched on the edge of desolation, the Fortress of the Dead Jarl stands as a haunting testament to the twisted whims of fate.


Its exterior, a grandeur of frozen enchantment, betrays the grim tale concealed within. Encased entirely in ice, the castle's fairy-tale facade gives way to a nightmarish reality within. Once ruled by the formidable frost giant leader, Jarl Conessa Berg, the fortress now echoes with the haunting presence of the undead. Two centuries past, an insatiable obsession with Aeorian artifacts led to the giants' transformation into a legion of frozen zombies, their once-majestic abode now a prison of eternal frost.

The castle unfolds across three chilling levels. The main floor, now a shattered tableau of former glory, bears witness to a frozen and forsaken gathering hall. A dilapidated throne, encased in ice, stands as a solemn reminder of Conessa's lost reign. Two staircases flank this icy relic — the spiral one plunging into the depths of the dungeon, the other traditional staircase ascending to the second level where the Jarl once convened with his court. Here, remnants of past meetings linger like spectral echoes, frozen in time alongside the Aeorian artifacts that fueled the giants' tragic demise.

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