Gates of Barovia &  Svalich Woods

Gates of Barovia & Svalich Woods

The Gates of Barovia stand as a formidable entrance to a land shrouded in mist and darkness while the Svalich Woods form a haunting and foreboding landscape.

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Jutting forth from the thick woods on both sides of the road, high stone buttresses cast a looming and imposing presence. The ashen gray hue of the stone provides a stark contrast to the surrounding gloom, and it hints at the enduring age of these structures.

Hanging from the stonework, the massive iron gates exhibit the scars of time and neglect, their rusted bars adorned with a tenacious sheen of dew. This moisture clings to the metal with an almost possessive coldness, reflecting the relentless grip of the land's oppressive atmosphere.

Flanking the gates are two statues of armed guardians, now decapitated and forlorn. Their headless forms lie at their feet, overgrown by creeping weeds and enveloped by the creeping silence that surrounds the scene. Once imposing sentinels, they now serve as broken and voiceless witnesses to the dread that the lands they once guarded now present.

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