Lair of the Arachnid

Lair of the Arachnid

This menacing lair is set beneath the root system of a massive tree and is home to a formidable spider queen and her brood.


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The underground lair features a series of interconnected corridors and nests, all woven with spider webs. The dark, muddy, and rocky terrain is crisscrossed with veins of roots and spider silk.

The map first appeared in the ReinKarnated Homebrew Adventure, The Recluse of Gloomshade Grove, which you can check out here!

Intended Use:

This map is designed as a challenging mini-dungeon for players to explore. It can serve as the hideout of a powerful spider queen, a nest of giant spiders, or a hidden base for a druidic cult that reveres spiders. The map's intricate design and multiple chambers provide opportunities for combat encounters, traps, and hidden treasures.

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