Pillaged Wheat Fields

Pillaged Wheat Fields

These once bountiful fields now bear the scars of relentless raids. Where golden wheat once swayed in the gentle breeze, now only broken stalks and trampled earth remain.


Footprints mar the soil of this once lavish wheat field, leaving evidence of relentless attacks and plundered crops. The air hangs heavy with the scent of burnt vegetation, a lingering remnant of fires that have ravaged the once-flourishing farmlands. The farmers, resilient and determined, have worked tirelessly to salvage what they can, but the destruction serves as a constant reminder of the threat that looms over their livelihoods.

Intended Use:
This map is designed for themes of survival, recovery, and conflict. Ideal for scenarios involving the aftermath of raiding, the quest for justice, or the defense of homesteads, this map provides a vivid setting for tactical encounters, rescue missions, or strategic planning sessions. It can be utilized in campaigns where players must navigate the consequences of war, seek retribution for fallen communities, or aid in the rebuilding efforts of ravaged lands.

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