River Inferno

River Inferno

The River Inferno is a remarkable geographical feature on the island of Foren in Eiselcross. Its peculiar south-to-north flow and the way it disappears into the sea at both ends make it a subject of intrigue and speculation.


The prevailing theory about the River Inferno's origin links it to the cataclysmic crash of the floating city of Aeor. This event possibly opened a connection to the Elemental Plane of Fire, explaining the presence of fire elementals, magma mephits, and salamanders along its banks. This connection also accounts for the river's unique properties and the lava's composition.

The most intriguing aspect of the River Inferno is its interaction with ice and snow. Despite being a river of lava, ice and snow that fall into it remain intact. This peculiar phenomenon not only baffles scholars but also provides a unique mode of transportation: riding on floating icebergs, which is a bold and potentially dangerous means of travel given the river's swift current.

Adventure Ideas in the River Inferno

  1. Mystery of the Intact Ice: The unique property of the River Inferno could be the key to an arcane mystery or a magical artifact's function. The players might need to collect samples or study the phenomenon to understand a greater magical principle.
  2. Journey on the Icebergs: Traveling on the floating icebergs could be an adventurous journey for the party. They might need to navigate through treacherous lava flows, fend off attacks from fire-based creatures, or deal with the instability of the ice.
  3. Elemental Disturbance: The connection to the Elemental Plane of Fire might become unstable, leading to an increase in elemental activity along the river. The players could be tasked with finding a way to restore balance, requiring them to venture into the elemental plane itself.
  4. Aeor's Secrets: Exploring the connection between the River Inferno and the crash of Aeor could lead to uncovering ancient, lost magics or forgotten histories that are resurfacing to threaten or benefit the world.
  5. Ecological Impact Study: A group of researchers could hire the adventurers to protect them while they study the ecological impacts of the River Inferno on the surrounding areas. This could lead to encounters with local wildlife, elemental beings, or other parties interested in exploiting the river's properties.