Rotthold, a bustling hub of travel and commerce in the eastern reaches of Wildemount, possesses a distinctive, though somewhat tarnished, charm.


Streets wind through a patchwork of decaying stone dwellings and weathered wooden tenements, their facades bathed in the eerie, rust-colored luminescence of a creeping moss. For some, this city is synonymous with lawlessness, viewed as a collection of dubious safe houses and slums. Yet others see it as a raw gem, teeming with untapped potential, gleaming brightly amidst the dusky shadows of the Blightshore's poisoned expanse.

Unfettered by protective walls, Rotthold relies on eleven vigilant watchtowers to guard against the encroaching threats of the Blightshore wastes. The city is divided into four distinct quarters: North Rotthold, East Rotthold, Dockside, and Cairn Hill.

The impoverished souls of North Rotthold contend daily with the menacing wildlife of the Miskath Strand. East Rotthold serves as the epicenter of trade, hosting the renowned Red Market—a bustling bazaar that defines the quarter's character. On the southern edge lies Dockside, a haven for Rotthold's elite, who seek refuge from the savage Blightshore within their opulent dwellings. To the west, Cairn Hill overlooks an enigmatic network of catacombs predating the Calamity, serving as the city's graveyard where shadowy operatives convene amidst the silent stones to further their covert agendas.

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