Ruined Farming Stead

Ruined Farming Stead

Spanning across a vast expanse of once-fertile land, this map reveals the eerie stillness of abandoned wheat fields, overshadowed by the skeletal remains of farmhouses and barns.


Nature has begun to reclaim what was once carefully cultivated, with wild grasses weaving through the untended wheat, creating a sea of gold and green that sways listlessly in the wind.

Intended Use:
This map sets the stage for adventures rooted in mystery, exploration, and the supernatural. It is an ideal setting for quests involving the investigation of old curses, the search for long-lost heirlooms, encounters with spirits of the past, or battles against creatures that have taken refuge in the abandoned structures. The juxtaposition of natural beauty and decay provides a rich backdrop for storytelling, offering countless opportunities to weave narratives of loss, resurgence, and the eternal cycle of nature. Whether the party is passing through, seeking shelter, or delving into the secrets that the old farms hold, this map promises to add depth and atmosphere to any campaign.

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