Sewer Bandit's Lair

Sewer Bandit's Lair

In the sprawling underbelly of a grand kingdom, a hideout has been constructed to serve as a refuge for a notorious band of thieves and outlaws.


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The dimly lit lair exudes a sense of secrecy and danger, perfect for clandestine activities and shadowy dealings. This underground hideout, with wooden furniture, crates, beds, and meeting areas with the flickering torches, adds to the ominous atmosphere perfect for your adventuring party.

Intended Use

This map is perfect for encounters involving infiltration missions, rescue operations, and loot or resource gathering. The lair can host multiple combat encounters with bandits and their allies. The corridors outside the lair, open sewage channels, cluttered rooms, and strategic points like an armory or storage areas offer varied terrain for tactical battles.

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