Tser Pool Encampment

Tser Pool Encampment

Tser Pool Encampment, nestled along the banks of the Ivlis River, presents a colorful and enigmatic haven where travelers and residents converge, enticed by the allure of fortune-telling and secrets whispered by the ancient woodlands.

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The road, slowly deteriorating into a twisted, muddy path, weaves its way through the Svalich Woods. Deep ruts and impressions in the earth mark the passage of heavy wagons and the ebb and flow of travelers.

As the misty canopy and overhanging branches part abruptly, a sight of stark contrast unfolds. A small clearing emerges beside a tranquil river that gradually expands to form a diminutive lake, its surface reflecting the sullen sky. Dominating this scene is a cluster of five tents, their colorful exteriors standing out against the somber woods, each with a diameter of ten feet. These tents encircle four barrel-topped wagons like sentinels guarding a treasure.

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