Uprising in Cachot Keep

Uprising in Cachot Keep

After the events in The Menace of Verdant Weald, our adventurers find themselves embroiled in a new crisis.


Setting: Cachot Keep, a notorious prison located in the Steel Ward of the kingdom of Brightcrown, is the scene of a violent uprising. The prison, known for holding the realm's most dangerous criminals, has erupted into chaos, and at the heart of this insurrection is none other than Gruffjaw the Vile, thought to have been securely imprisoned within.

Level Range: 3-5

Adventure Background:
Following his capture in the Verdant Weald, Gruffjaw the Vile was incarcerated in Cachot Keep, under the assumption that its walls could hold him. However, underestimating Gruffjaw's cunning and ferocity has proven to be a grave mistake. With a mix of brute force and unexpected alliances within the prison walls, Gruffjaw has sparked an uprising, threatening not only the security of the prison but also the safety of Brightcrown itself.

Adventure Hooks:

  1. A Royal Summons: The adventurers are summoned by Colonel Lockwood, the head of Brightcrown's guard, who implores them to quell the uprising and subdue Gruffjaw.
  2. An Inside Job: A former ally of the adventurers, now a guard at Cachot Keep, secretly contacts them, revealing the extent of the chaos and Gruffjaw's role in it.

Key Locations:

  1. Brightcrown: The kingdom's capital, bustling with activity and now under threat from the prison uprising.
The Kingdom of Brightcrown
  1. Cachot Keep: The sprawling prison complex, now a battleground between the guards and the insurgents.

Key NPCs:

1. Colonel Titus Lockwood

  • Role: Commander of Brightcrown's Guard
  • Appearance: A tall, imposing figure with sharp eyes and a stern demeanor. His military uniform is pristine, adorned with medals of service.
  • Personality: Lockwood is decisive and authoritative, with a deep sense of duty to Brightcrown. He respects strength and competence, showing little patience for failure or insubordination.
  • Background: A veteran of many conflicts, Lockwood rose through the ranks through sheer competence and bravery. He's well-respected among the guards and feared by the criminals.

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