Former Blockbuster employee, hero of Azeroth since 2007, and fantasy/sci-fi/dystopian enthusiast. I love to create, imagine, and share stories to inspire your next DnD campaign.

The Great Ombu Summit

In the sprawling, golden pastures of the Wanderlust Plains, two centaur clans, the Ombu and Pampas, prepare for a crucial summit under the shadow of the Great Ombu Tree.

Stormwatch Priory: The Legacy of the Sirensong

Adventurers are called by a secluded Priory of monks to seek out the legendary Trident of Tides even as other, more nefarious treasure hunters seek the same prize.

Uprising in Cachot Keep

After the events in The Menace of Verdant Weald, our adventurers find themselves embroiled in a new crisis.

The Brinehart Coven

In the mist-shrouded Brackish Brinelands lies the stilted village of Sodden Hollow, where a missing child may be the catalyst for a dangerous ritual being planned by a coven of hags.

Dawn of the Crimson Hand - Part 2

In the conclusion of Dawn of the Crimson Hand, the party returns to the Kingdom of Brightcrown to determine how the uprising of the Crimson Hand should be dealt with.

Forest's Edge Garrison

Forest's Edge Garrison stands as a formidable military stronghold on the outermost boundaries of a kingdom, serving as both a defensive outpost and a base of operations for the kingdom's armed forces.