A settlement like no other, Urzin stands as a testament to the resourcefulness and adaptability of its people.


Perched upon the colossal shells of horizonback tortoises, Urzin roams the treacherous terrain of the Brokenveil Marsh, serving as a vital stronghold for the Kryn Dynasty. Its mobility grants it a strategic advantage, allowing the settlement to swiftly shift its position, evading its enemies and setting deadly traps amidst the murky marshes. As tensions rise between the Kryn Dynasty and the Dwendalian Empire, Urzin's role becomes increasingly pivotal, bolstering the dynasty's military might in the region.

The inhabitants of Urzin, known as the swampfolk, embody the virtues of strength and cunning. Many have fashioned their permanent dwellings atop the sturdy shells of the horizonbacks, while others carry portable tents and makeshift abodes, ready to establish a home wherever circumstance demands. Each day, the packs of tortoises rearrange themselves, and the settlement disperses, scattering its people across the marshland and establishing satellite outposts before regrouping in a new location. Such elusive movements leave the Dwendalian forces confounded, struggling to track the ever-shifting presence of Urzin amidst the unforgiving muck of the marshes.

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