Woodcarver's Treehouse

Woodcarver's Treehouse

Nestled high within the towering, ancient oak trees of a vibrant forest, the Woodcarver's Treehouse exudes a sense of tranquil harmony and mystical allure.


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The Woodcarver's Treehouse consists of interconnected wooden platforms adorned with intricate elven designs, connected by gracefully curving stairs and rope bridges. Fallen leaves blanket the surrounding forest ground, creating a warm, inviting glow. The main circular platform serves as a cozy living area, complete with plush cushions, a central table for gatherings, and a hammock for restful naps. A second platform, slightly elevated, functions as a dedicated workshop, scattered with tools, woodcraft projects, and blueprints. The third platform, the highest of the three, houses a comfortable bedroom with a luxurious, emerald-green bed, surrounded by the protective embrace of the oak's thick branches.

Intended Use:

This map is ideal for use as a secluded sanctuary for the party to rest, craft, and strategize between adventures. It can serve as the home of a wise and skilled artisan who provides guidance, magical items, or quests to the adventurers. The treehouse can also be a significant location for a questline involving the secrets of the forest or ancient magic.

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