Ashguard Garrison

Ashguard Garrison

The Ashguard Garrison, a formidable fortress that once stood strong against the dangers of Xhorhas, now sits under the shadowy occupation of the Kryn Dynasty.


Perched atop a steep mountain pass that descends into the treacherous Brokenveil Marsh, this partner to the Rockguard Garrison has been refitted to defend against the very people who built it. Its walls, once shining in the light, are now darkened by the shadows of perpetual twilight.

For years, the Ashguard Garrison held the line against the dangers beyond the pass, but the Kryn proved to be a cunning and resourceful enemy. Through the use of powerful magic, they darkened the sky, causing confusion and chaos, while their forces burrowed beneath the battlements. In the end, over a thousand Dwendalian soldiers were slain, and the army was forced to retreat to Bladegarden.

Now, the Kryn Dynasty has taken over the Ashguard Garrison, transforming it into a bastion of their own power. With its strategic location and impregnable defenses, the fortress is a key asset in their ongoing conflict with the Dwendalian Empire. The soldiers who once manned the battlements are gone, replaced by the Kryn's own forces, who watch over the surrounding lands with a vigilant and unwavering gaze.

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