Marrow Valley

Wuyun Gate

The Wuyun Gate, a formidable guardian of the southern pass between the Cyrios Mountains and the Ashkeeper Peaks, stands as both the boundary and the gateway between the resolute domain of the Dwendalian Empire and the vibrant realm of the Menagerie Coast.


Built from pale stone quarried from Mount Mentiri and petrified wood, Kamordah emerges from the Bromkiln Hills like an otherworldly jewel against a canvas of colors.


Entrenched deep within the Labenda Swamp, the marsh town of Berleben finds itself precariously balanced on the edge of decay.


Along the rugged terrain of the eastern Marrow Valley, Bladegarden's heart is the majestic Righteous Brand barracks that commands attention with its grandeur.

Lower Hupperdook

Through generations upon generations, the tenacious denizens of Hupperdook have upheld an unwavering commitment to refining their individual crafts.

Upper Hupperdook

Nestled against the eastern slope of the imposing Silberquel Ridge, the gnomish city of Hupperdook emerges amidst a symphony of billowing smoke and swirling steam.