Entrenched deep within the Labenda Swamp, the marsh town of Berleben finds itself precariously balanced on the edge of decay.


Once thriving, Berleben's promise faded as the ever-encroaching waters from the Silberquel Mountains inundated its foundation. Now, half of the town languishes under inches of swamp water, forcing the resilient swampfolk residents to adapt and persist in the face of adversity.

Dubbed "the Sog Sticks" with both ridicule and sarcastic pride, Berleben endures the scornful tales of outsiders, painting a grim picture of rampant illness and buzzing insects. However, the tight-knit community remains bound by familial ties, necessity, and the meager harvest the swamp offers. Yet, danger lurks in the marsh, and a watchful eye is ever-cast upon its murky streets, where nosy neighbors pry into each other's affairs, hungry for news.

Divided into three districts, Berleben's Puddles house the oldest and poorest structures, their stone and wood buildings now immersed in marsh water. The Midway Docks serve as the central hub, teeming with workers and fishmongers, while The Stilts boast sturdier houses, their feet raised above the swamp, striving to outlast the sinking fate of this resilient but beleaguered town.

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