Along the rugged terrain of the eastern Marrow Valley, Bladegarden's heart is the majestic Righteous Brand barracks that commands attention with its grandeur.


The town appears unremarkable, wrapped in a monochromatic cloak. Its shape is a peculiar oval, stitched together by meandering dirt roads that lead seemingly nowhere, adding to the town's enigmatic charm. The streets lack vibrancy as if color has fled from this corner of the region.

Beyond the stout western walls, the hum of life emanates from humble farmsteads, where hardworking locals gather bountiful produce to sustain the community. Still, most sustenance journeys from distant lands, arriving in carts to alleviate hunger's grip on the Marrow Valley. While the Righteous Brand symbolizes strength and purpose, Bladegarden's simplicity invites contemplation, leaving curious wanderers to unravel the mysteries of this seemingly ordinary yet intriguing town.

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