Blooming Grove

Blooming Grove

Deep within the heart of the Savalirwood Forest, where shadows intertwine with ancient boughs, a sacred sanctuary known as the Blooming Grove stands as a testament to the Clay family's devotion to the Wild Mother.


A centuries-old willow grove and a modest temple once provided a peaceful resting place for the deceased, intertwining the cycle of life and death with the vibrant energies of nature. However, the encroaching curse that blankets the Savalirwood has not spared this hallowed ground.

Dark tendrils of malevolence have crept through the once-expansive grove, reclaiming it with relentless determination. The Clay family's sacred rituals now seem distant echoes in the face of this relentless decay. The Bone Orchard, a place once vibrant with renewal, finds itself confined to a small, defiant patch of green at the temple's base. Dark vines and thorns entwine the remnants of fences and grave markers, weaving a haunting tapestry of nature's reclamation.

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