Greying Wildlands

Blooming Grove

Deep within the heart of the Savalirwood Forest, where shadows intertwine with ancient boughs, a sacred sanctuary known as the Blooming Grove stands as a testament to the Clay family's devotion to the Wild Mother.


Boroftkrah stands as a testament to adaptability in the face of adversity, a dynamic settlement built on the tenets of mobility and survival.

Ruins of Molaesmyr

Deep within the twisted heart of the Savalirwood forest, just north of the Boreal Omen River, stands the haunting ruins of Molaesmyr, an ancient elven city steeped in tragedy and darkness.

Kravaraad & Cinderrest Sanctum

Kravaraad, the fiery titan of the Flotket Alps, looms with billowing smoke and rivers of molten rock. Within its depths lies a hidden onyx cavern known as Cinderrest Sanctum.


Uthodurn, the northernmost dwarven stronghold of Wildemount, is nestled in a steep mountain valley among the icy peaks of the Flotket Alps.

Shadycreek Run

Beyond the northern outposts of Dwendalian territory lies a ragged string of shantytowns and ramshackle hovels that obstruct the pathway into the dense forest of Savalirwood.