Sprawling across the landscape like a patchwork quilt, Blumenthal unveils a tapestry of rural farmsteads seamlessly connected by sturdy administration buildings.


This picturesque realm serves as the lifeblood of Rexxentrum, its fertile fields and bountiful orchards weaving a tale of sustenance and abundance. Within the government-owned domain, a symphony of labor unfolds as chosen families diligently cultivate the land, their toil rewarded by the Crown's generous compensation, their treasures gathered and delivered to the gates of the capital in an endless procession of sustenance.

Yet beneath the surface, whispers of discontent echo among those who till the soil. While some yearn for the pride of outright land ownership, others recognize the generational incentives bestowed upon those who dutifully tend to the ancestral plots, envisioning a future where comfort surpasses the humble existence of the common farmer. Like sentinels guarding the kingdom's sustenance, Crownsguard watchtowers rise defiantly at the corners of the farmers' domains, casting their vigilant gaze upon the land. Thieves, scavengers, and monstrous predators tread with caution, for the Crown's ever-watchful eye spurs a sense of unease, permeating the toil and dampening the spirits of the hardworking people of Blumenthal. Amidst these troubled times, however, Starosta Judus Olessia and Argonomist June Wiston unite their efforts, tirelessly laboring to improve the lives of those who sow the seeds of prosperity, their unwavering dedication a beacon of hope amidst the sprawling fields, nurturing the very essence of Blumenthal's success and, ultimately, that of the empire itself.

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