Zemni Fields


Nestled beside the crystal-clear waters of the Erdeloch, Odessloe thrives as a bustling settlement renowned for its prowess in fishing and logging.

Pride’s Call

In the embrace of the rolling southern Zemni Fields, the venerable dwarven settlement of Pride's Call finds its home.

Vergesson Sanatorium

This once colossal prison has been transformed into a haven of healing. Renamed Vergesson Sanatorium, this expansive manor, nestled within sprawling gardens, now welcomes primarily well-off patients to luxuriate amidst exquisite artwork.

Rexxentrum, The Tangles

Rexxentrum, the regal capital of the Dwendalian Empire, is a sprawling metropolis and the heart of Wildemount.


Sprawling across the landscape like a patchwork quilt, Blumenthal unveils a tapestry of rural farmsteads seamlessly connected by sturdy administration buildings.


In the frozen tundras of the Zemni Fields, where the winds howl with an icy ferocity, there lies a lone bastion of civilization: Icehaven. The sole port in Western Wildemount, this frosty settlement harbors a precious few ships that can navigate the treacherous ice floes of the Frigid Depths.