Boroftkrah stands as a testament to adaptability in the face of adversity, a dynamic settlement built on the tenets of mobility and survival.


Boroftkrah consists of a loosely arranged collection of tents and modest shelters, strategically enclosed within a protective barrier formed by towering wooden pikes. These pikes, driven into the ground with precision, serve as both the town's outer defenses and the symbolic representation of its resilient spirit.

The heart of Boroftkrah is its ingenious lod system, where clusters of homesteads are organized in large circular formations. This arrangement not only fosters a strong sense of community but also allows for swift reconfiguration and relocation should the need arise. The nomadic nature of Boroftkrah is driven by the ever-present threat of danger in the surrounding wilderness, forcing its inhabitants to remain constantly vigilant and ready to move.

Within this resourceful community, the people have found a unique way to harness the untamed power of the plains. Giant boars, known for their strength and endurance, are carefully trained and domesticated to serve as both loyal companions and formidable mounts. Alongside them, the proud worgs, fierce and cunning, are tamed and trained to form a symbiotic relationship with the people. These pens for the giant boars and worgs are scattered throughout the settlement, not only ensuring their safety but also maintaining their crucial roles in safeguarding the community.

Boroftkrah, though humble in its appearance, thrives as a symbol of resilience and unity in the face of the unpredictable dangers that lurk beyond its protective perimeter. It stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of those who have chosen to call this nomadic haven their home.

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