Brokenveil Marsh

Brokenveil Marsh

Spanning the reaches between the migrating city of Urzin and the Empire outpost of Fort Venture, the Brokenveil Marsh is a wretched expanse of swamps and bogs.


Within this forsaken realm, a legion of swamp-dwelling monstrosities lies in wait, hungering for the taste of intruders' flesh. From the murky depths emerge loathsome beasts and the perilous embrace of treacherous quagmires, poised to consume any who dare set foot upon their domain. Above, filthy bluff harpies, possessed by an insatiable appetite for the despair of the lost, eagerly scour the skies, their malicious eyes seeking to pluck away those who falter.

Yet, amidst the perils that plague this nightmarish quagmire, a peculiar balance is struck. Within the morass, the horizonback tortoises have found solace, transforming the very notion of survival into a perilous game of perception. For concealed amidst the deceptive landscape of the Brokenveil, the distinction between a mere hillock and the domed abode of a territorial behemoth becomes blurred, entwining trepidation with every step.

The Brokenveil Marsh holds no quarter for the unwary. Here, in this desolate realm, nature's dark artistry weaves a tapestry of deceit, and survival hinges upon the ability to unravel the secrets concealed within the veil of this foreboding expanse.

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