Unwelcome Spirits - ReinKarnated

Unwelcome Spirits - ReinKarnated

Unwelcome Spirits ReinKarnated is a map and AI art pack meant to enhance the starter adventure for a new party embarking on adventures in the Wastes of Xhorhas.


Download all of the assets for this adventure at the bottom of this post.

This is my biggest map and art pack yet! 48 images of battle maps, NPC portraits, and scenery. Plus all of the NPC tokens! Very excited to share with you all as 'Unwelcome Spirits' is just about my favorite starter adventure in Wildemount.

In the desolate and untamed lands of Xhorhas, danger lurks around every bend, and no one is truly safe. Even the roaming village of Urzin, which travels atop the massive shells of horizonback tortoises, is not immune to the perils of this harsh land.

In this adventure, the village's elder seer, Bol'bara, has disappeared, leaving her people in a state of deep concern. The adventure begins in Urzin when the party is summoned by Urzin city leader, Ogre Lord Buhfal II to find the goblin warlock and rescue her from her kidnappers.

Preparing for their journey into the Brokenveil Marshes, the adventurers should take this opportunity to explore Urzin and purchase any gear necessary for traversing the inhospitable terrains for what will likely be many days.

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