Curse of Strahd - ReinKarnated

Curse of Strahd - ReinKarnated

In the haunting realm of Ravenloft, reality itself is a shifting mystery. Its infamous heart, Castle Ravenloft, resides in Barovia, a land cursed to endure eternal night.


In the lands of Barovia, the malevolent vampire lord, Strahd von Zarovich, wields his power. His dark spires release sinister souls into the nocturnal abyss to enact his unholy will, accompanied by the eerie sounds of wolves' howls and swarms of ravens that punctuate the silence of the Svalich Woods. All the while, Strahd himself is caught in a ceaseless cycle of obsession and despair.

Superstitious villagers, trapped in isolated hamlets, live in perpetual dread of their enigmatic ruler and the ancient terrors that lurk in the shadows. The people, unwittingly trapped in Strahd's malevolent grip, fear the ever-present Mists and the endless Barovian nights.

Yet, none are aware that their torment is an unending tragedy, a relentless saga orchestrated by Strahd to ensnare one elusive victim who has repeatedly escaped his grasp for generations.

Barovia, a desolate realm cloaked in eternal shadow, is a land of secluded valleys, their isolation intensified by the menacing forests haunted by prowling wolves and the perilous mountains that punctuate its landscape. Beneath dense, perpetual mists, the land languishes in ceaseless gloom.

The Barovians

Barovia's inhabitants are somber and deeply superstitious. They eke out their lives in small, isolated villages, each led by a cautious Burgomaster who seeks to evade the wrath of their overlord, Count Strahd von Zarovich. Suspicion runs deep towards strangers in these tight-knit communities, where outsiders are regarded with distrust.

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