Dangerous Designs - ReinKarnated

Dangerous Designs - ReinKarnated

Dangerous Designs ReinKarnated is a Heroic Tier map and AI art pack meant to enhance the starter adventure for a new party embarking on adventures in the Dwendalian Empire.


Download all of the assets for this adventure at the bottom of this post.

The gnomish city of Hupperdook is renowned throughout the Empire as the heart of industry, constructing massive weapons of war and technological constructions for the Dwendalian military.  As such, it is a city of critical strategic importance and thus a prime target for nefarious actors seeking to cripple the military at its source.

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In this adventure, a scientist and former engineer for the Empire named Huron Stahlmast seeks vengeance against the people who turned against him after years of tireless efforts to oversee and improve the production of these weapons of war against the Kryn Dynasty.

It was Stahlmast's eccentric experimentations and brutal testing of weapon designs that caused great disapproval from the people of the city. After being ousted, Stahlmast found himself stripped of funding and his reputation destroyed. In his anger, he turned to none other than his former enemy, agents of the Kryn Dynasty.

One such agent, a goliath named Sken Zabriss, has been working closely with Huron in recent months to develop large-scale explosives to exact his vengeance against the Dwendalian Empire and the city of Hupperdook.

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