Dawn of the Crimson Hand - Part 1

Dawn of the Crimson Hand - Part 1

In the Kingdom of Brightcrown, an undercurrent of unrest stirs. This adventure weaves a tale of intrigue, rebellion, and the quest for justice. A challenge of choices and consequences, where the path to resolution will dictate the fate of an entire kingdom.


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Level Range: 3-5

Setting: Wards of Brightcrown and the Verdant Weald


The Kingdom of Brightcrown is on the brink of chaos. The Crimson Hand, once a mere whisper on the streets, has become a formidable force threatening the city's fragile peace. The adventurers find themselves embroiled in this conflict, navigating the blurred lines of justice and revenge.

Adventure Background

Over the last 15 years, the realm has expanded its trade routes, innovation and the arts have flourished, and primary infrastructure has been stabilized. However, not all who call Brightcrown home were touched by this prosperity. Many of Brightcrown's citizens lost their homestead and businesses to accommodate for the expansions required to achieve the city goals. A group of these citizens, led by an unknown charismatic but ruthless leader, formed the Crimson Hand. Initially seeking compensation and new opportunities for losses rendered, their methods grew increasingly violent as their pleas continued to go ignored. Now, they aim to overthrow the city's leaders and take control, believing that only through force can change be achieved.

Adventure Hooks

  1. A Plea for Help: The adventurers are hired as liaisons by the Capital Council to uncover the name of the leader of the Crimson Hand, as well as investigate and stop the attacks on supply caravans believed to be orchestrated by the Crimson Hand.
  2. Caught in the Middle: During a visit to Brightcrown, the adventurers are caught in a Crimson Hand attack and must choose sides quickly.
  3. An Inside Job: Sympathetic to the Crimson Hand's cause, a member of the rebellion approaches the adventurers, asking for assistance that could turn the tide in their favor.

The Kingdom of Brightcrown

Strategically located between the towering embrace of jagged mountains to the north and the sprawling, Verdant Weald to the south, Brightcrown stands as a beacon of civilization and a testament to the resilience of its people. Its cobblestone streets, bustling with the lively thrum of commerce, wind through a tapestry of wards, each with its own heartbeat—from the regal Crownheart Ward, radiating authority and grace at the city's core, to the industrious clatter of the Steel Ward, where the ring of hammer on anvil sings the song of progress. The city, encircled by stoic walls, stands as an homage to history and ambition, while the shadows of the Sunken Ward's hidden alleys hide away the most destitute and unfortunate. Here, amidst the clash of ideals and the pursuit of power, the spirit of Brightcrown endures, vibrant and indomitable, a jewel set upon the land's rugged crown.

The Crownheart Ward

Description: Centrally located, The Crownheart Ward is the political and administrative hub of Brightcrown, home of the Palace, Capital Council Chambers, and government buildings. This is where the most important decisions affecting the kingdom are made.

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