In the heart of Truscan Vale, nestled atop a hill just north of the Cyrengreen Forest, lies the affluent city of Deastok.


The streets of Deastok are paved with cobblestone, lined with shops and homes, and bustling with activity. It is the proud hometown of the illustrious Taryon Darrington and the birthplace of the Darrington Brigade, a band of mercenaries that has earned quite the reputation. Deastok is also the sister city to Kamordah, sharing a bond that goes back generations.

Guard patrols march around the city, armed with crossbows, while some ride on horseback. The farmland surrounding the town is well-segmented with fences and is organized with precision. Deastok itself is well-protected by stone walls, with each entrance boasting a large metallic gate that can be closed in the event of an attack.

Notable Places indicated on the DM version of the map are:

Grumpy Lily - tavern owned and used by the Myriad

The Shaded Bough - one of the finest inns in Deastok

Darrington Mansion - Base of operations for the Darrington Brigade.

Jeweled Gates - the perimeter walls and four entrances to the city.

Bursar Plaza - filled with quaint shops and bistros.

Garden Grounds - a residential area containing parks.

A temple to Bahamut - The only official religious locale in the city.

Despite the control of the Truscan family, Deastok is also a major hub of the Myriad. It draws in wealthy travelers seeking a luxurious vacation and is supported by a thriving timber industry enabled by gnomish technology. In Deastok, there is no shortage of opportunities or excitement.

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