Death House

Death House

Death House, the notorious name attributed to an ancient row house nestled in the heart of the village of Barovia, is a place shrouded in macabre infamy.

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This harrowing house was originally constructed by a wealthy family steeped in the dark arts. Their nefarious practices, rooted in seduction and indoctrination, extended their sinister influence to a small but malevolent circle of like-minded associates. The village turned a blind eye to the house's disturbing activities, including cult rituals, morbid banquets feasting upon sacrificed victims, and failed attempts to summon otherworldly entities.

Two former inhabitants of the house, Rosavalda and Thornboldt Durst, appear to be flesh-and-blood children. In truth, they are illusions created by the house to lure the characters inside. The children died of starvation centuries ago after their insane parents locked them in the attic and forgot about them. They were too young and innocent to understand that their parents were guilty of heinous crimes

Rosavalda and Thornboldt Durst. (Rose & Thorn)

However, the family's rituals were ultimately in vain, their ranks dwindling as interest waned. Then, Strahd von Zarovich, the lord of Barovia, made his fateful appearance, leading to a tragic and blood-soaked climax that left the cultists' restless spirits forever bound to the house. Today, Death House and its malevolent legacy continue to haunt the village as chilling reminders of the horrors that lurk within the mists of Barovia.

Death House Floor 1

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