Diver's Grave

Diver's Grave

Beneath the vast expanse of the open Lucidian Ocean, where the sun's rays barely penetrate, an ominous spectacle lies in wait. It is the Diver's Grave, a nightmarish abyss where the remnants of ill-fated ships rest, claimed by the ravenous depths.


Stretching across vast stretches of the ocean floor, this forsaken cemetery is infested with merrow, twisted and malevolent creatures lurking amidst the wreckage.

Every salvage ship that dares venture into the Grave's treacherous embrace adds to its macabre collection, becoming yet another victim devoured by its insatiable hunger. The Grave possesses an eerie sentience, sensing the approach of vessels and unleashing its wrath in the form of tempestuous storms, ruthlessly consuming all who dare challenge its dominion. Deep within the heart of this watery labyrinth lies an underwater maze teeming with carnivorous seaweed, concealing a fearsome entity known as Dashilla the Dreadful. A dreaded sea fury, Dashilla eagerly awaits the arrival of unsuspecting sailors, her appetite for their souls as insatiable as the hungry depths she calls home.

Despite its dangers, the Diver's Grave is an excellent region for adventurers looking for high-risk, high-reward missions. The Grave is home to countless lost treasures, which can be found within the wrecks of sunken ships.

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