Menagerie Coast

Spanning the length of Wildemount's southwest coastline along the Lucidian Ocean, the Menagerie Coast is a lush, rain-swept, tropical region filled with scattered forests and jungles, rocky seaside cliffs and beaches, overgrown islands, and bustling trade routes that traverse the perilous seas. This land is known far and wide as a place for lively trade, vibrant art, performance, and excellent food—as well as the indulgence of vice, piracy, and illicit business.


Nestled amidst the embrace of the Othemoor, the serene village of Othe unfolds like a hidden gem along the coast of the Clovis Concord.

Wuyun Gate

The Wuyun Gate, a formidable guardian of the southern pass between the Cyrios Mountains and the Ashkeeper Peaks, stands as both the boundary and the gateway between the resolute domain of the Dwendalian Empire and the vibrant realm of the Menagerie Coast.


Nestled within the ominous shroud of perpetual fog, Darktow Island emerges as a haunting sight. Perched upon its sheer southern cliff, a secluded town exudes an aura of secrecy and danger.


Feolinn, the Garden City, may be smaller in size compared to its coastal brethren, but its rustic allure and well-tended gardens have earned it that cherished title.

Diver's Grave

Beneath the vast expanse of the open Lucidian Ocean, where the sun's rays barely penetrate, an ominous spectacle lies in wait. It is the Diver's Grave, a nightmarish abyss where the remnants of ill-fated ships rest, claimed by the ravenous depths.

Port Damali

Port Damali is a bustling city that is widely known as the jewel of the Menagerie Coast.