Felderwin and the Tillage

Felderwin and the Tillage

Felderwin, nestled in the Marrow Valley, is the thriving heart of halfling society in Wildemount. This settlement boasts fertile farmland that has been tended to by halflings for over seven centuries.


The community takes great pride in the humble life of a farmer, a simple existence that is rooted in the land. The halflings here are renowned for their agricultural prowess.

The rustic settlement of Felderwin is centered around three communal gathering sites called Halls, each forming a hub that gives the town its triangular shape. The streets are lined with intersecting dirt roads, large barns, storehouses, lively taverns, and livestock pens that fill the air with a unique aroma of fresh grass, sweet pollen, and animal dung. The Green Hall is where trade meetings and day celebrations are held, while the Sunset Hall serves as a massive tavern for evening festivities and diplomatic events. The Lake Hall, built on the edge of the Scymir River, oversees the small fishing community within the city.

The Tillage, or the sprawling expanse of fertile farmland west of the Ashkeeper Peaks surrounding Felderwin, is the pride of the halfling community. Here, most of the empire's crops and livestock are grown and raised. The farming families frequently travel between their acreage and the settlement of Felderwin to sell their goods and distribute their tithes to the empire.

For generations, the halflings of Felderwin have mastered the art of agriculture and continue to be a vital source of food and resources for Wildemount.

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