Feolinn, the Garden City, may be smaller in size compared to its coastal brethren, but its rustic allure and well-tended gardens have earned it that cherished title.


Nestled close to the Plumgroves and blessed with a harbor that teems with the bounties of the Mother's Sigh Reef, Feolinn beckons weary travelers seeking respite from the tumultuous trials of Exandria. The city's enchanting appeal draws the attention of affluent socialites, providing them with a sanctuary of indulgence and self-gratification.

The Plumgroves bestow upon Feolinn a cornucopia of succulent fruits and sweet roots, granting rise to a fiercely competitive industry of wines and spirits. Throughout Exandria, the name of Feolinn is synonymous with exceptional libations. The vintners of this esteemed city carry an unwavering pride in their craft, often looking down upon their counterparts in Kamordah, a distant Dwendalian metropolis. Fine vintages from Feolinn fetch handsome prices in the auctions of Port Damali, while the elite circles cherish its exquisite liquors as prized gifts. Within the city, rivalries among esteemed wineries and distilleries such as Soliva Winery, Laffath & Legrand Vineyards, Leoleoa Cellars, and Purple Breast Company ignite fierce competition, all striving for local and international acclaim.

Nestled against the southern fringe of the Plumgroves, surrounded by idyllic family farms, Feolinn radiates the charm of a rural haven. Its layout is structured around four main thoroughfares, forming a grand rectangle. At each corner, vibrant promenades bustle with lively shops and convivial pubs, while the heart of the city boasts elegant residences and opulent estates.

Nestled within the embrace of the Plumgroves, a verdant woodland of swaying tropical trees with white bark and purple flowers, lies a luscious paradise where succulent delights flourish.

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