In the frozen tundras of the Zemni Fields, where the winds howl with an icy ferocity, there lies a lone bastion of civilization: Icehaven. The sole port in Western Wildemount, this frosty settlement harbors a precious few ships that can navigate the treacherous ice floes of the Frigid Depths.


Icehaven is the veritable hub of trade for hunters and adventurers, who brave the deadly Saltwallow Bog or venture into the unforgiving north toward Eiselcross.

The hardy inhabitants of Icehaven make their living by eking out an existence in these frozen wastes. Some brave the oft-frozen waters of the Kaltenloch in search of a bountiful catch of fish, while others venture deep into the perilous Velvin Thicket or skirt the borders of the Pearlbow Wilderness to trap furs and gather meat to sell.

The denizens of Icehaven live in a constant state of struggle against the elements, each day a fight for survival in a land where few outsiders dare to tread. But for those who can brave the cold, the rewards are great indeed.

As the snow swirls around the small inlet harbor, the huddled town of Icehaven clings to the shoreline like a desperate survivor in a tempest. The cramped, crescent-shaped settlement is made up of humble snow-coated log cabins, their windows glowing faintly with the warm light of flickering lanterns.

Divided into two main areas, the city is a study in contrasts. The Harborline, where the fishing vessels and ice-ready ships are moored, bustles with activity as hardy sailors prepare their boats for the treacherous journey ahead. In stark contrast, the Haven is a cluster of crowded buildings, huddled together for warmth and protection from the unforgiving cold.

The streets of Icehaven are a testament to the town's tenacity, shifting between muddy snow and slick ice as they curve through twisting alleys and lanes. The layout of the town is haphazard as if it grew organically from the very snow and ice upon which it stands.

But despite its humble appearance, Icehaven is a place of great resilience and determination. Its inhabitants face the harsh realities of the frozen tundra with unyielding grit and resourcefulness, forging a life for themselves in a land that would see them frozen and forgotten.

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