Built from pale stone quarried from Mount Mentiri and petrified wood, Kamordah emerges from the Bromkiln Hills like an otherworldly jewel against a canvas of colors.


The settlement's architecture has two distinct districts woven into its tapestry.

In the northern Rainbow Vineyards, tendrils of vines ascend the mountain slopes, embracing terraced homes and wineries. Here, the soil's unique infusion nurtures exotic plants and vines, yielding rare herbs and wines that paint palates with novel flavors. The central heart, the Mudfields, shelters greenhouses and homes amid its rich gardens, all sustained by the land's unusual mineral-rich composition.

Kamordah's history is intertwined with the Julous Dominion's endeavor to tap the area's geothermal forces. A shift in power to the Dwendalian Empire revealed a boon hidden within the soil—exceptional flora thriving amidst the minerals. Yet, this bounty comes at a cost; the city's water sources are tainted, fostering a reliance on collected rain and imported water for survival.

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