Kravaraad & Cinderrest Sanctum

Kravaraad & Cinderrest Sanctum

Kravaraad, the fiery titan of the Flotket Alps, looms with billowing smoke and rivers of molten rock. Within its depths lies a hidden onyx cavern known as Cinderrest Sanctum.


Rising defiantly amidst the frigid embrace of the northern lands, Kravaraad, the blackened behemoth, casts its ominous presence in the heart of the Flotket Alps. Its ebony silhouette towers above the snow-covered terrain, a testament to the eternal clash between fire and ice. Dark plumes of smoke intertwine with billowing steam, as molten rivers forge their path, offering a fiery respite amidst the icy realm. Though the mountain's fiery temperament remains constant, the grand spectacle of cataclysmic eruptions is a rarity, while the steady, glowing flow of lava from its numerous vents paints a mesmerizing tapestry of raw power and unyielding vitality.

The relentless heat emanating from the lava has bestowed a unique gift upon the Mistpools, a pair of crystalline lakes nestled beside the volcano's mighty form. Unfazed by the harsh grip of winter, these shimmering bodies of freshwater remain unfrozen throughout the year, their liquid embrace a sanctuary amid the frozen expanse. Against the backdrop of snow-laden trails, Kravaraad stands as a steadfast sentinel, guiding wayward travelers through the treacherous wilderness. Yet the mountain's influence extends beyond its majestic visage, as hardy creatures battle for dominance amidst the melting snow, their skirmishes echoing through the alpine peaks like distant thunder, beckoning other denizens to witness the clash or seize the spoils of war.

The Floktet Alps

Amidst the eastern slopes of Kravaraad, hidden within the obsidian depths, lies a cavern of profound significance. Within this vast chamber, adorned with intricate black iron embellishments, a pool of ever-burning lava casts an eerie glow upon the darkened walls. Etched with ancient runes, these blackened stones bear witness to tales of divine providence. Carved reliefs, skillfully crafted by dwarven hands, depict the benevolence of Melora, bestowing the very essence of stone and ore to Moradin, the All-Hammer, empowering him to fashion grand halls and formidable guardians from the depths of the earth. In this solemn sanctum, history intertwines with the fiery heart of Kravaraad, whispering secrets to those who dare to seek its enigmatic embrace.

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