Nestled amidst the embrace of the Othemoor, the serene village of Othe unfolds like a hidden gem along the coast of the Clovis Concord.


Othe's origins trace back to a sacred site dedicated to shamanistic meditation and ancient medicinal rituals. Over time, this spiritual haven blossomed into the village of Othe when Marquesian explorers uncovered the extraordinary properties of the mystical Othemoor and its unique flora. As the smallest among the coastal domains of the Clovis Concord, Othe largely operates independently, granting its local leaders substantial autonomy. This self-sufficiency has fostered an insular and somewhat reserved community, making it less than welcoming to outsiders who do not actively seek to engage with its inhabitants.

The village is ingeniously designed in the shape of a broad crescent, spanning five small landmasses that emerge above the Othemoor's waterline. Bridges connect these landmasses, forming a cohesive network across the city's various districts. The Rudwashes, characterized by homes constructed from the region's reddish clay, comprise the residential sector, providing a quaint and rustic atmosphere. The Stark Docks serve as the bustling port, where laborers gather resources, and storage buildings house essential supplies. At the heart of Othe lies the Apa-feids, the city's central district. Here, modern structures stand tall, culminating in the elevated hall where the marquis holds residence. A circle of small temples in this district pays homage to the prime pantheon.

While the breezes that sweep through Othe often carry the earthy scents of the marshlands, the village exudes a more relaxed and spiritual ambiance compared to its coastal counterparts, embodying a simpler and pastoral way of life.

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