Pride’s Call

Pride’s Call

In the embrace of the rolling southern Zemni Fields, the venerable dwarven settlement of Pride's Call finds its home.


Born from the ashes of the devastating Calamity, this city has endured and flourished, evolving into the epicenter of hill dwarf culture within the realm of Wildemount.

Early on, Pride's Call found kinship with the Dwendalian Empire, standing as their first staunch allies during the empire's relentless expansion, a bond that persisted for nearly two centuries.

Yet, as time unfurled, the city's favored status dwindled, and it became cast into the shadow of the newly-absorbed dwarf stronghold, Grimgolir, a century later.

Despite this, Pride's Call remains a bastion of martial prowess, a keeper of history and tradition, and a vibrant hub of culture, renowned for its music and the cherished pride silk. Amidst the otherwise somber and frigid northwest of Wynandir, this city radiates a distinctive warmth and light.

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