Rexxentrum, The Tangles

Rexxentrum, The Tangles

Rexxentrum, the regal capital of the Dwendalian Empire, is a sprawling metropolis and the heart of Wildemount.


The Tangles district stands on the western end of the capital city. It is a bustling district thriving and teeming with the lifeblood of commerce and labor. Here, the working class finds solace, engaging in the city's general trade amidst a labyrinth of twisting streets and bustling industrial zones. Major roads converge to form three grand plazas, each pulsating with its unique essence.

On the northern edge of The Tangles is the Platinum Veranda, a bastion of luxury, adorned with opulent homes and lavish entertainment. Within this district, the Temple of Bahamut stands as a beacon of divinity. The southern edge hosts the Vigil's Circle, a vibrant marketplace encircling the Tower of Writ, where justice is meted out by the Prime Arbiter. Commerce thrives, but shadows cast by the nearby Claykeep prison keep lawbreakers in check.

A vibrant heart pulses within the Court of Colors, the largest of the plazas. An exotic medley of traders from distant lands offers their wares, while artists and performers fill the air with joyous celebration. Amidst this vivacity lies the esteemed Rexxentrum Archive of the Cobalt Soul, guarding the knowledge of ages. And on the southern wall, the majestic Chantry of the Dawn stands proud, a monumental cathedral once the bedrock of the city's foundation.

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